A modern encrypted digital storage for your personal data

A secure digital storage for your personal data, that keeps it in your control and never on our servers

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Full Control of Data

Your data is where you choose it to be. You control it 100% of the time

Bank Level Security

Any data on Sacret is securely encrypted before it is stored on your device

Secure Backup & Restore

Backup to iCloud & Google drive. Your data is unreadable if third parties get access to it

Sacret Features

Store, sort, filter and search through all your private digital information in one secure place, while still having full control of your data.

Digital Safe

Save your data on your device and be assured that only you have access to it

Backup & Sync

Securely backup your data to your cloud. Your data cannot be read by the cloud provider

Password Generator

Generate strong random passwords to keep all your accounts secure

Dark web monitoring (coming soon)

Get notified if any of your accounts is involved in a breach and has been compromised

Intelligent Search

Quickly search through your data using our efficient search functionality

Organization tools

Group and filter your data how ever you see fit


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Basic Features
0. 00 No payment required


All Features
1. 00 Monthly


All Features
8. 99 Yearly


Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions

We believe that the safest place for your data is to be stored safely with you. This means that we never store or access the data you provide in Sacret.

Yes you can sync your data between mobile devices using iCloud or Google drive (Premium feature). Your data is encrypted and unreadable by the cloud providers. Your password and our app are needed to access your information

At the moment we only support iOS and Android devices. Desktop support is on our road map for future updates

Your data is encrypted using AES 256 and stored securely on your device. We will never store your data on any of our servers

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